When high
really matters

GT-TIM® thermal interface material with revolutionary performance.

90 W/mK

through plane

Extreme thermal conduction

(4-6 Kmm^2/W @200µm 40PSI)

Drastic temperature

Increase component longevity & efficiency


We can take the heat

Easy To

Simple to install and reapply


Save energy with efficient cooling

Save energy and money by replacing your thermal interface material with GT-TIM®. We take care of the heat more efficiently which means it takes less energy to cool down your hardware

Extend hardware lifetime

Decreased overall temperature extends the lifetime of your hardware. GT-TIM® thermal pads can decrease the temperature up to 10 °C in your hardware which can double your hardwares lifetime.



Cooling efficiency and better reliability over time. The next generation data centers and processors needs the next generation of thermal interface materials.


We need faster, smaller and lighter electronics devices. Every watt, gram and degree counts. We enable robots, drones and other electronic devices reach their highest potential.


Extreme weather and high demands of great durability. The wireless industry has it’s own expectations where only the best ones can withstand it.

Thermal Testing & Burn-In

Your test equipment is only as good as it’s thermal interface material. We enable high thermal performance testing that last longer and is easier to work with. 

Crypto Mining

It’s all about energy efficiency and output. Our products can both lower your energy consumption and optimize your processors performance.

Gaming & Rendering

Speed that can’t take the heat. Allow your computer to render faster and don’t let those heat spikes impact your performance.


Super-High Thermal Conductivity

Graphene has outstanding thermal conductivity. Our patented technology utilizes an enhanced graphene formula that allows for through-plane conductivity in an unprecedented way. This level of high thermal conductivity has huge impact on the overall temperature on a processor and can also handle heat spikes in a way that does not throttle the processor.

We supply a wide range of products with outstanding thermal conductivity.

Long-Term Reliability

Thermal grease has been one of the best options for thermal interface materials for a long time. However, thermal grease, indium and other phase changing materials suffer from deterioration or pump-out over time after just 12 months time. The hardware gets too hot and must be throttled down. This means decreased output and value for you and your customers.

GT-TIM® keeps its high performance over time. No more need to reapply paste to keep optimal efficiency, and no more complaints from customers of disappointing performance. GT-TIM® will take the heat and most likely last longer than your products entire lifetime.

Perfect For Repetitive Usage

Tired of cleaning Our tougher product versions are very durable. Perfect for repetitive performance tests.

For automated production testing
For full scale production tests, our product is quick to replace, saving you precious downtime in the factory. With our high durable pads you will experience an extended lifetime which allows you to have less TIM replacements over time.

For testing and development
This property is particularly important for the development team that want’s to enable easily change devices in the testing setup.

Electrically Insulating But Thermal conducting

Graphene is electrically conductive, meaning it can hold static electricity. In some implementations, it is vital to not have electrically conductive thermal interface material (TIM). We provide electrically insulated versions of our GT-TIM® that solves the need for electrical insulation. The insulation has a negative impact on the overall thermal conductivity. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity, our products that have electrically insulated versions are still a significant upgrade for many companies that has relied on older electrically insulated TIMs.

Immersion Ready

Immersion cooling is the future of energy efficient cooling. Today’s thermal interface material causes problems when the TIM cannot keep it’s structure and slowly degrades in the oil. Without the right immersion ready TIM a big portion of the efficiency improvement of immersion is lost.

Our immersion ready product variants have been developed and fine-tuned to work optimal in immersion data centers to give you better performance over a longer period of time.


The industry has different needs and each application is different. Together with our leading graphene experts we make sure to find the perfect solution for you. It could be anything from improving specific properties to finding the perfect fit for your production automation.

Together with our customers and partners keep on improving the industry of thermal interface materials.

Quality Certifications

We strive to produce sustainable, reliable, and high-performing products that meet great standards. Our commitment to quality improves customer satisfaction, increases efficiency and productivity, and reduces costs.

Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 45001