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Smart High Tech is located in Gothenburg focusing on various types of heat dissipation solutions based on graphene. The company has received over 50 prototype orders from more than 25 well known global industry leaders within the area of Thermal Burn-In, IC Thermal testing, Industrial electronics, 5G Telecommunication, Consumer electronics, Automotive Industry, Cell phone, LED etc.

The company has commercial products in the market within the semiconductor industry. The plan is to increase the production capacity in Europe to invest further in automation, development and to build a stronger company.


Master thesis work

We are looking for  students interested in the master degree thesis in the following areas (Separate payment negotiation is needed):

  1. Metal plating on graphene based material to improve thermal performance for electronics applications.
  2. Development of rapidly cured adhesive for high performance thermal applications.
  3. Development of high temperature stable adhesives for high performance thermal applications.
  4. Development of electrically insulating and thermally conductive adhesion materials for high performance thermal applications.
  5. Diffusion, bonding mechanism and characterization of laminated graphene with metal/polymer sheets to form composite films for functional and structural applications Goal: to develop novel lamination methods for graphene/metal and graphene/polymer composite films. The fabricated composite films show excellent thermal and mechanical performances and fit the requirements for industrial manufacture.
  6. Manufacturing and characterization of graphene based vapor chamber for efficient coolingGoal: to develop mechanical robust and high thermally conductive graphene vapor chamber that can replace the current metal based vapor chamber.
  7. Reliability characterization of graphene-based thermal interface materials for electronics cooling applicationsGoal: To study the long-term performance of graphene-based thermal interface materials in a harsh environment, including temperature cycling, humidity, ageing, bending and warpage exposure, outgassing, vibration.
  8. Manufacturing and characterization of a graphene-based heat sinkGoal: To fabricate light-weight and high thermal conductive graphene heatsink. The heatsink needs to have similar machining properties as metals. Study different fin structures to the cooling performance of heatsink.

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